Spend money on things you value...

...and stop paying for things you don't.

This is simple budgeting software.

Tend was built to answer three quesions.

1. How much will I make?

By adding each of your income sources, you will know exactly how much you expect to earn each month.

2. How much will I spend?

Enter your committed expenses to know precisely how much money you are guaranteed to spend each month. These are things like rent, subscriptions, memberships, and tuition.

3. What's left?

Knowing this number will give you the knowledge and confidence to spend your money on things that matter to you.

How does it work?

Know how to use a calendar? Then you know how to use Tend.

Specify the days you expect to be charged the same way you create a repeating event on a calendar. Tend can handle all the awkward repeating patterns found in the real world.

Tend does not need to connect with your bank (although that option is coming soon).

New expense form showing the ways you can add an amount and repeating pattern.

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Tend just launched and is being actively developed. You can help shape the direction we take by providing feedback.